Introducing... dome8

Posted on: Tue 15th Dec 2015

Introducing... dome8. The iPhone case that holds headphones! The perfect Christmas gift for teens, students, gym-goers and commuters. Everyone knows that the most important accessory an Iphone user needs is a case to protect it from drops and scrapes, but what about your headphones? Music lovers have been united in their frustration over lost, forgotten and tangled headphones until now.

The designers at dome8 have come up with the perfect solution. The dome8 Iphone case not only protects your phone but also keeps the Apple (in-the-box) earpods accessible, safe and clean. It is available the IPhone 5/5s, and 6/6s models. Priced at £19.95, and available in a range of colours to suit all tastes. Check out the options at

dome8 uses a simple coil-up process to keep the headphone cable in check, and the design enforces a “no-snaggable edges” philosophy so that your phone easily slips in and out of pockets or hand bags. So for everyone who is tired of breaking earpods when you pull them (along with everything else) out of your pockets or bag, or simply not being able to find them, then the dome8 case is for you.