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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Where I grew up, Santa arrived in the town park every December. The excitement started with a fire engine, which raised it's snorkel into the night sky.

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Then, in a puff of smoke, Santa magically appeared at the top! My sister and I thought we were very lucky to live in the ACTUAL place where he chose to land! Many years on, it’s still one of the most magical parts of Christmas for me. Here are some suggestions for where to find your magic….


Introducing... dome8

Introducing... dome8. The iPhone case that holds headphones! The perfect Christmas gift for teens, students, gym-goers and commuters. Everyone knows that the most important accessory an Iphone user needs is a case to protect it from drops and scrapes, but what about your headphones? Music lovers have been united in their frustration over lost, forgotten and tangled headphones until now. Find out more HERE.


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